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CentOS-based edgeLinux?

OK, so, recognizing that we all have a LOT of other things on our mind right now and that this is NOT the most important one, I still am sort of wondering where things are at with a general release of CentOS-based edgeLinux, and an upgrade path for those of us still running the Gentoo based release?


Hi @mshappe, edgeLinux 2.0 GA release should come on April with a migration path for gentoo users

Good to hear! Thank you for the update!

Looking forward to seeing that migration path for my Antsles!

The world has been a messy place the last few months, so I'm not surprised if it's taking a while, but can we get an ETA on this?

My Antsle One was having issues. I'm sure due to my tinkering with Gentoo. So I wiped the drives, and downloaded the EL 2.0.0 iso (CentOS) in the downloads section of anthill.  It installed, with a few hiccups... I had to completely fdisk the ssd's before I got an error-free install. But it is up and running on the Antsle One as we speak.

I am having some trouble restoring my old antlets (from the Gentoo box) to this new OS ... but I have just recreated the important ones one my One D while I was working on the Antsle One during the upgrade.

SO ... YES you can get CentOS 7 edgeLinux 2.0.0 on the old Antsle One   You MAY lose all your current antlets.   As a full wipe and load, complete restart from scratch I can recommend it.  antMan 3.1.0 has some nice additions you may like.

Feel free to contact me if you want to poke around on it... the Antsle One is now a test environment so there is nothing critical running on it at this time.

Hi @mshappe,

The beta migration procedure is this one:

As the "beta" word suggests, it shouldn't be used yet if you have antlets in production. However, if you're OK wiping your drives and/or losing antlets (as @spollock mentions), it is perfectly fine to install edgeLinux 2.0.

It's nice to see progress. Unfortunately, I need a process that is less chancy 🙂 I am definitely using at least one of my antlets "in production", and would be loathe to lose it. Still, I will review the link and see if I think it's time to take the plunge.

I just upgraded to edgeLinux2 today. I am still trying to get things back the way I like it; however, the process as described (in the help docs) works as promised. I had a few differences than the video and had to change my boot disks, but went okay.

I do wonder though why my CentoOS7 KVM template is 43 GB!

Also the bonjour is does not seem to be working as before as I cannot SSH into via antsle.local anymore. I will have to debug that issue. Never a dull moment I guess..