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CentoOS 7 - Network hangs on large data transfers - Maybe an AntMan network interface setting issue?

Is anyone having any trouble with CentOS 7 and network IO.

I can connect to one of my Antlets running CentOS 7 using ssh, and also can do small FTP transfers, but when I do something like doing backups with Amanda - the network hangs.

So, I connect from my backup server to back up my CentOS system and the network hangs. Its not that the whole interface shuts down, its just that the data gets stuck in the Send-Q (as shown by 'netstat -a'). Eventually, the connection from the backup server times out.

Has anyone seen anything like this and if so, how did you fix it. I've installed all of the kernel patches available. I suspect there is some sort of setting incompatibility on the Antsle side on the network interface.



I have not noticed anything in regards to CentOS 7 template, but I can perform some testing in my Home Lab.

If someone else has some experience with this, please share with us.

Thank you,
antsle Support