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Can’t get this thing to boot

I have spent two days trying to get my Antsle working for the first time.  I never could get it to show up on the network.  After trying everything I could think of, I finally put a monitor on it and noticed that it isn’t even booting.  No wonder!  All I get is a splash page that says Supermicro and at the bottom it says “System Initializing...” and on the bottom right corner it says “F1”.  The periods after the system initializing blink every once in awhile but otherwise it never passes this screen.  Any help anyone can provide to help me get past this?  Or is it DOA?

TIA!  Chad

Hello, I was experiencing the same problem, I then used clover boot image burned to usb stick, then booted to the usb stick and then pointed to the 2nd partition then booted to edgelinux. it worked great, give it a try.