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Can't connect via local IP

I have no problem connecting to my antsle via antslename.local, but trying to connect with the IP gives me an nginx 403 error. Obviously something isn't configured properly, but what?


You are adding port 3000 to get to antMan correct?
Example: antsle ip =

To get to antMan type in browser:

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I was not adding port 3000; doing so works with the IP. It does not, however, work with our domain; instead that takes me to an Anthill login screen. (Without the port it takes me to the same nginx 403 page as the IP without the port.)

Edit: Anthill, not Antman

Hmmm if you subdomain is say bones you should be able to access antMan via at least from your local network. But you are getting then 403 nginx error instead?

Actually, I just retested in Chrome and it works fine. Safari is giving the 403 problem.

Interesting. OK I'll test it here and see if I can get ones of the devs to look at it. Thanks!