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cannot resize virtual drive


when trying to increase space of virtual drive I receive error:

DQEMUI-1: Error while trying to resize qemu image qemu-img: image format driver does not support resize.

What I might be doing wrong?


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Maybe it's because the image is a VMDK file and not QCOW2?

yes, and is there any simple way to convert it to QCOW2 ?..

Thank you

For those who are having this problem, Google gave me an answer.  This MUST be done at the console, so either ssh to your antsle, or use the console from the antman GUI.   Type the following command

qemu-img resize image.qcow2 +SIZE

where 'image.qcow2' is replaced with your fully qualified image path and  '+SIZE' is whatever size you want to use like the following:

qemu-img resize /antlets/lion-o/Windows10.qcow2 50g (for a 50GB size).