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Cannot access Antsle Antman via Browser

I have 3 Antsle and one Nano. I can get to 3 of them via the browser but cannot get to one.

I can ssh into it but just cannot get to the web interface.

Both the hostname and ip address respond (I guess that is evident because I can ssh in).

I cannot get to the antsle enen using port 3000.

Is there something that I can do from withing the antsle ssh console to test antman or bring it back up?


You could try this command to see if it is even listening on port 3000:

netstat -a|grep 3000|grep -i listen

I've fixed some errors by re-doing


to "re install" antman

I've seen some posts on here fix port issues by executing:


I believe it is located in /usr/local/bin