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Cannot access antlet with web browser

First time posting a question here, I apologize if this is a trivial issue. I am new to the community and trying to figure out what I can from the available docs and online resources but I've hit a roadblock.

I recently started configuring my first Antsle device, a Nano, and am trying to create my first antlets. I've created one to run docker, specifically portainer, from the Ubuntu 19.10 LXC template. I can log into the antlet and have installed docker and portainer. I expect to be able to access portainer from the web browser at antlet11.local from my laptop, but it is not accessible.

Is there further configuration needed to be able to access antlets from the local network?

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  • portainer-on-antlet11.jpg

@keneucker -

My very uneducated guess is that it has to do with the numbers before the last 2 digits being different (from the example in the docs)..

Can you try the subdomain method in the docs?

You'll need to create a subdomain for your Antsle in your anthill account

@ddmscott Thanks for pointing that out. I attempted to change my network IP address for the Antsle and all of the antlets to but it seems that the base NIC is still on Right now I am deleting the antlets I created and will ensure that all of the networks this time around.