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Cannot access antlet running nginx

I just received my antsle nano and created a base antlet and installed Nginx. But everything I've tried to connect to it gives me a 'This site can’t be reached' error.

I've tried:

If I curl from ssh to I am able to get the default nginx page so I know it is running.

Seems like others have been having the issue as well but have not seen any solutions that work.

I created an antlet following these steps:

1. create antlet from debian10-LXC template

2. run apt-get update

3. run apt-get install nginx

4. verify nginx with systemctl status nginx

5. opened new tab in browser to http://<antlet-name>#.local (see screen shot)


Worked for me, so I'm thinking something either went wrong in the nginx install, or the nginx service is not running.

Uploaded files:
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  • Screen-Shot-2020-07-01-at-6.09.07-PM.png