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Backups not showing status after completion

Steps taken:

  1. I did a "Backup now" operation on an LXC  antlet and chose "self-managed".
  2. I had previously installed a public key from my Antsle on my backup server which happens to be a Netgear ReadyNAS 312.
  3. I specified the destination path (/data/Backups/Antsle) and the user for the ReadyNAS ([email protected])
  4. Started the backup.  The process went through the "Backing Up" status, then the "Uploading" status and appeared to complete successfully.
  5. I looked on the ReadyNAS and the backup file was present (backup_local_6.zfs.gz).
  6. However, when I view the Antman backup screen for Antlet, there is no status and no actions available. See the attached screen shot of the backup screen.

Question 1: Why is no information displayed for ID#6.

Question 2: How could I restore this backup, if I needed to?

Question 3: The three other backups (#2,#3 and #4) all failed and but they persist in the backup table. I've searched the directories on the Antsle, but I can't find a backup catalog anywhere.  I would like to delete these non-existent entries. Where is this information stored on the Antsle?


Uploaded files:
  • Backup-Screen.jpg

OK, I didn't realize I didn't have the latest Antman.  I upgraded to 3.2.1 and that fixed everything... sort of.  I could now delete the empty backups (#s 2,3,and 4) as well as having the successful backup(#6) show up with a "delete" and "restore" option.

I say "sort of" because according to the backup video from a week or so ago, it appeared that you could restore over the top of an existing stopped antlet.  I don't see that restore option with version 3.2.1.  It forces you to create a new antlet.  I suppose one could delete the original antlet then heal to the same name, but that somehow seems risky to me.  I would much rather have the "Restore" function download the backup to a local copy and then, if successful delete and restore the target antlet.