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Anyone get USB Audio working?

Since there are no audio ports on the Antsle, I was wondering if anyone has gotten any USB audio devices to be seen by an Antlet and used with alsa?


I have a wireless transmitter and want to move my music server off my Raspberry PI and onto an Antlet, if possible.

I have used USB audio with a signal link for digital sound card modes with amateur radio.    I have also used ethernet to stream over through virtual audio cables.

I have done this with both the anstle one and the XD models.

No issues.


You may find if using windows and RDP you have to configure the client properly.

I use team viewer and it doesn't have the quirks RDP does.


Good luck



Thanks! I never knew about virtual audio cables. My application doesn't run under Windows. Since I'm doing this under linux, it sounds like the thinking would be for a VAC to take the input from mplayer (command line music player) and send the output to the USB audio device plugged into the Antsle that the wireless transmitter is plugged into.

I'll have to look for a linux VAC that would support this thinking.

under linux I recall having to add my user to a group to be able to see and use the USB audio device.

I believe the group was "audio"

until I did that my xwindows application could not even see the sound devices.