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Antsle One XD 10G NIC overheat


I am new to Antsle.  I recently bought an Antsle One XD (cpu processor: D-1518) with 2x10G ethernet port.  I installed Proxmox as the OS without any VMs yet, and I found after several hours, the 10G NIC temperature goes up to 80-85degC and cause the disconnection.

Is it normal to have such high temperature on Antsle ?  What is the 10G NIC temperature range ?

I asked the Antsle tech. support and the reply was to install a fan on top of the machine.  But then why it is designed as fanless ?

Looking forward to any suggestions to cool the 10G NIC ( not the fan solution).

Thank you !


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I have this exact same issue. As soon as i plug in the 10 GbE nic into a 10 GbE switch, the temperature sky rockets and the nic shuts down. I would love to know if anyone has come up with a solution for this or not.

this seems like a pretty significant issue honestly and it should be officially addressed.

I would go so far as to remounting the guts of the One in a new case with active cooling if I knew what the best case options are for this use.