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Antsle Nano Wiki

I have definitely been enjoying my Antsle Nanos. I haven't had this much fun since my days contributing to

I have been slowly getting up to speed on the latest things, and been hitting some bumps along the way. I have a way of tracking all the things I am doing that involves various private wiki pages structured according to kanban of tracking the various areas of things I want to do with my nanos.

As I figure out many of these things, a lot the techniques can be scrubbed of private configurations, and then moved to public wiki pages. Maybe other people will get more joy from their nanos by having guides how to do these various things I am figuring out for myself.

This is a public wiki I welcome others nano related contributions. But to cut down on spam, I ask that contributors register. I am not sure if the emailing system is up or not for sending out registration verifications, so you might also ping me with the suggestion form at the bottom of the main page

Hi @thegarnet, I enjoyed reading your Antsle Nano Wiki, I was wondering if you could explain how I could get RouterOS made into a template?

RouterOS (by MikroTik) is its own operating system. They have an ARM64 version so I think it should run on the Nano... Can you help?

Thanks in advance.