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AntMan Upgrade


I have sucessfully installed the antsleOS and now the Antman is giving me problems. I have sent an email to the email regarding a serial number, so I am now waiting for that.

When I run the command, I receive an error. Please see attached file.

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  • AntMan-error.png

The antsle is asking for the email address that was originally used to buy the antsle. If you don't have access to that email we can switch it to a different email access privately (with verification).   After you enter the correct email address, it will send a encrypted token for each antsle you own. You can then copy paste that token into the command line to successfully upgrade.

The serial number can be found on the bottom of the antsle, and in the "About" section of antMan. However you don't need it for this process.


It keeps giving me this error message.


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  • Screen-Shot-2019-03-13-at-3.52.06-PM.png

Hi @frevilleb,

You might be hitting this issue because you are running on older env. What version of antMan do you currently have?

We are working on a fix that should resolve this issue.


I am currently running AntMan 0.8.0c.

@frevilleb Try upgrading now


I am now waiting for the token to come through the email. At the time of this message, it has been 10 minutes. Should it take that long?


Thank you.

Should not take that long. It might have an issue with your email domain. I'll send the credentials privately.


I didn't understand the email, so I reran the upgrade and it sent me the token and it has completed. Thank you.