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antman update to 3.4.0 no network

I updated an older antsle box still running the gentoo  antsle0s and now I cannot connect to the off-box network.

I have 2 ports live and configured with 2 bridges.

Logging into the console I can see that all the devices are live and configured. I can ping the live antlets using the 10.1.x.x addresses.

I cannot, however, ping anything on the local network.

Pings to the router get "Destination host unavailable" interestingly, however, the inteface reporting the problem is NOT BR0 which has the lowest metric for both the default address and the local network.

I'd really like to get this back on line so I can migrate the VMs away and then update to edgelinux...




Hi cfm:

Can you let us know your network configuration by using this commands and let us know the output:

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
ls -l ifcfg*
more ifcfg-br0

Can you log into antMan?  If so, do you see your Private and Public IP Address listed?


I'm on the old GENTOO version of antsleOS. Not the Centos edge linux.  So my config files are in /etc/conf.d/

The "net" config file contains:


# Configuration for enp0s20f0





config_br0=" net mask"





routes_br0="default via"

There is another identical stanza for br1, only difference is device is "enp0s20f1"

"ip addr" shows all the interfaces have addresses and are marked as up (br0 has, br1 has, the raw devices have .107 and .103)

I can ping all the interfaces from the console, I can also ping the addresses of the hosted VMs (10.1.1.x and 10.1.7.x).

I can't login to antMan because i've only got console access.

Still no joy, really would like some help.

I can reboot with only the main ethernet attached and the boot sequence completes without error (previously I would see errors in NTP startup), and immediately after reboot I can ping my router and google ( After 20-30 seconds I can no longer ping outside the box, I get "Destination Unreachable" but the ICMP is coming from the base port IP, not the bridge IP.

When check the gentoo routing tables I see several default routes, with the lowest metric assigned not to the bridge but to the DHCP assigned address. See attached captures. (Sorry, IPMI is the only way to capture stuff directly from the device so JPGs are it.)


Uploaded files:
  • antsle-issue-routing-1.jpg
  • antsle-issue-routing-2.jpg

Hi cfm:

Thanks for sharing your configuration.
We had noticed that there was an entry for mac_br0 was missing from your configuration.

Here's an example of one:

root@myantsle:~ # cat /etc/conf.d/net
# ---------------------------
# Configuration for enp0s20f0
# ---------------------------
config_br0=" netmask"
routes_br0="default via"

You would change the mac-br0 and mac_br1 with the MAC Address for your interfaces (enp0s20f0 and enp0s20f1).

Ok, I made the recommended change. br0 and br1 now up with the MAC of the physical device.

However, I am still seeing the original devices in the routing tables. And now the ip address of the bridges are the addresses of the physical device, not the configured device.  And I still can't communicate off the box.

I have another antsle running gentoo and it only shows the bridge devices. So I really need some help. The boot messages indicate that the bridge devices are coming up, but the physical devices are still operational...


Latest screen shots of where I am. /etc/conf.d/net has been modified as directed. That is the only file in the /etc/conf.d directory that has been changed.

As you can see from the second screenshot, the native devices (enp0s20f0 and enp0s20f1) are in the way. And the bridges have taken on those addresses rather than the configured addresses ( and I can shutdown the basic device (/lib64/udev/ enp0s20f0 stop) and then the bridge takes on the correct address, but within a minute the native device is restarted. (I'm guessing by the cron jobs).

I really need to get this antsle on-line so I can update it and keep my atlassian packages running.


Uploaded files:
  • Screen-Shot-2021-05-25-at-12.24.13-PM.png
  • Screen-Shot-2021-05-25-at-12.24.50-PM.png
  • Screen-Shot-2021-05-25-at-12.25.47-PM.png
  • Screen-Shot-2021-05-25-at-12.25.59-PM.png

Not happy with the lack of help from Antsle...

But I fixed (hopefully) my issue.

Bottom line, the problem was that dhcpcd was firing up and assigning ip addresses, and routing metrics, to the underlying interfaces used by the bridges.  As folks should know, antsle/edgelinux relies on bridges to do all networking.  In gentoo linux there are way too many ways to work with the network. antsle uses the old (and reliable) "netifrc" method. Using this you set the bridge up in the /etc/conf.d/net file. Assign it (br0) to an interface (enp0s20f0), explicitly tell openrc NOT to configure the base interface (config_enp0s20f0="null"), configure the bridge, and alls well.

Somehow, in my configuration, dhcpcd is running. I'm not sure why, or how it got started, but dhcpcd wants to configure ALL the interfaces, which undoes all that netifrc setup.

Disabling dhcpcd (rc-update dhcpcd off) allows the box to come back on line.

Now I'm back to trying to figure out how to get the VMs off the antsle so I can upgrade... anyone an expert on export-antlet?

Hi cfm:

Sorry for the delayed response.  Glad to hear that you were able to get the resolved.

We use zfs send and receive commands to backup and also copy antlets.