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AntMan nor displaying side bar - cannot see Port Forwarding

Component Versions and Licenses

Parameter Value Remarks
edgeLinux version
(formerly antsleOS)
0.5.0 Licence: GPL, several versions. Source code available on request, email">
antMan 0.11.1d License: Proprietary antMan license. View license agreement here.
Serial Number 1001-6-0000-1477-7

I am not sure why, but I cannot see the side bar on AntMan browser display when logged into my Antsle.  Can someone advice what I should do?




Hi Thomas:

Thanks for sharing the screenshot of what you are seeing.

According to the screenshot, you are using an older version of antMan 0.11.d.

You can always upgrade to the latest antMan with the following command:


Thank you,
antsle Support

Thanks so much for your reply.



I tried upgrade-antman, and it complained about license.  I am using an ansible 1.  Not downloaded AntMan implementation on my own hardware.  Can you please let me know how to get rid of this bug without the need of subscription?


Hi Thomas:

Sorry the upgrade-antman is for users on edgeLinux 2.x.x or higher.  Here are the commands to upgrade antMan on edgeLinux 0.x.x:

You will need to download the antMan bundle from your account in the Downloads page - antMan 3.4.4 for x86_64
Download it to your antsle with 'wget'. Right click the Download link and copy the link address. Then SSH to the antsle command line and run the 'wget' command with the link address, e.g:

Your link may be different than this example so be sure and copy the link from antHill.

On the antsle's command line, extract the file
tar -xzf antman-X.X.X-x86_64.tar.gz

CD into the new directory
cd antman-x.x.x-x86_64

and run the installer

Thank you,
antsle Support

now after updating, am I restricted?

What about me using my Antsle?  Am I entitled to use it?  Or, do I need a license?

Hi Thomas:

Sorry I just saw this post.

If you are using an antsle One, you will have Home Lab license even without Support Plan.
Yes, you can continue to use your antsle under the Home Lab license.
The Support Plans offer some extra features such as expanded Cloud storage and extra support options.

You can find out more about our Home Lab license and other Support plans below:


Thank you,
antsle Support