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Antlet IP (10.1.1.x) disappearing minutes to hours after antlet start

I have two antlets created. Anthill can still see and manage them through the web gui. However when trying to ssh into the antlet after accessing the main Antsle first, I cannot access them. Subsequently, when this happens the antlet loses it's ability to not only reach the Antsle local subnet but connect to the outside WAN internet.

As stated, when this happens I can reboot the Antlet or Antsle and the Antlet does return a local ip ie (10.1.1.x) After a few minutes to an hour or so though, the issue propagates again. These Antlets are both LXC antlets.

When I first start the antlet, I can internally ssh into the Antlse's local subnet and run an ip addr, this at first will return the antlets local ip within the Antsle's subnet. Then as I stated after a few minutes to an hour or so, that IP just disapears. I have both antlets configured to be able to be seen on my own local network within subnet This is how I can still access the antlet and run another ip addr and see no ip returned for eth0.

The antlet cannot acccess the outside network and when you try to ssh into it within the antsle, it acts like it can't find the destination host.  I then have to reboot the antlet or antsle and the antlets will work again temporarily.

I hope all this made sense. Let me know if you need any further details.

The other weir quirk related to this issue is my only works within my network. If I'm away from home, I cannot access my Antsle at anytime regardless of reboot, but when at home or on my VPN, works just fine.

Hello odjhlofton,

Can you please provide the details? Have you tried linking the antlets to network interface? Does the antlets have a web server running on them? What do you mean by that the antlets work temporarily when you reboot?