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antHill can't find antsle

There are a few reasons antHill may not be able to find your antsle

1. antHilld service may not be running.
check in antMan > settings (gear icon) > System services

or from the command line run

service anthilld status
service anthilld restart

2. The antsle cannot communicate with the public internet.

This can happen if the antsle does not acquire an IP from DHCP but is typically a misconfigured default gateway or DNS server address.

If you configured a static IP address on the antsle make sure you also set the default gateway and DNS server addresses in antMan > Network configuration > Edit Network Defaults

The DNS field requires the 'nameserver' keyword. Seee the '?' tooltip for that field.

First, is your ethernet cable plugged into the correct ethernet port (br0)? as shown here:

And do you see a link light on both the antsle's ethernet port and your router/switch?

Next lets check if the antsleOS can talk to the internet.  SSH to the antsle's command line or use 'show console' in antMan.

Try to ping using a domain name:

ping -c 4
ping -c 4

If the pings are successful then the network settings are good.

If the pings fail, lets check the IP addresses.  The three addresses required are the private IP address on br0, default gateway and dns addresses.

You can check the antsle's private IP address with:  ifconfig br0

root@myantsle:~ # ifconfig br0
inet  netmask  broadcast

Check the default gateway with: route -n

root@myantsle:~ # route -n
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface         UG    8      0        0 br0   U     0      0        0 virbr2

the line with a destination of '' should show the correct gateway address in the gateway column.

And check the DNS server addresses in the resolv.conf file with: cat /etc/resolv.conf

root@myantsle:~ # cat /etc/resolv.conf
# Generated by dhcpcd from br0.dhcp
# /etc/resolv.conf.head can replace this line

If any of these addresses are incorrect, set the correct information in antMan > Network configuration

3. If purchased somewhere other than before 12/12/17

Then your antsle's serial number may not be in the antHill database. Please send your serial number and email address to