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Amber LED: activity indicator?

What does the amber light indicate on the front of Antsle device (right next to power)?
I never noticed it before but it appears to be solid, sometimes blinking. I assumed it was activity but I'd like to check in case it indicates some sort of a problem. Antman UI does not indicate any problems.
Also what is the acceptable CPU operational temperature for Antsle?  We have it between 80-85C


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Regarding the CPU temp, we had a hot summer here in Oklahoma so I was monitoring it.

If you connect to the IPMI console ( Step 4 here ), you can see the temperature sensors:

Server Health -> Sensor Readings

It shows the current temp and the range.

For my Antsle  XD Pro, the CPU shows a threshold of 96 C and I've never seen it more than 60 C.


I do not have access to IPMI (no dedicated network connection), I have been getting temperature with this CLI tool:


I've been told (but haven't tried it myself) that you can plug a network cable into the IPMI port and then plug the other end into a laptop and access the IPMI console.