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Amber and Red LED flashing every second - Antsle One XD appears to be toast

Hi there,

came back into the office after a couple weeks off for Christmas. My Antsle LEDs were flashing about 1 second interval, all both red and amber on the front and all the LEDs on the rear four Cat4 connectors. Any ideas what may be going on?

I've downloaded the edgeLinux to re-install but wondering if this is more fatal than I'm hoping!


Many thanks,



Hi @lodgemonkey

Are you able to connect to your antsle with antMan or SSH?

If NO, can you hooked up keyboard and monitor and let us know what you see?

antsle Support

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick response. No luck with SSH or antMan (I don't think it is even getting its IP from the router). Plugging in a monitor and kb also no response.  Power Supply is green, so it is getting power. No obvious signs of damage or issues on the motherboard but suspect it is toast.


Hi Rich:

If you have setup IPMI on your antsle, you could try accessing using IPMI which gets a different IP Address than antMan on the same network.

For console access, go to 'Remote Control' > 'iKVM/HTML5' or 'Remote Control' > 'Console Redirection' > 'Launch Console'

antsle Support