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Allowing Turnkey linux templates, or ISOs


What are the technical challenges of allowing templates like the ones available in Turnkey Linux?

Is there a straightforward way to install a Linux using an ISO?



This documents how to install an OS from an ISO:

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Daniel Scott

@wladif  You can use servers.

Download the :OpenStack: version of the turnkey server you want.  Its a qcow2 file.

Import it as a template in antMan.

Create a new Antlet with the new template you just created.

Give the antlet a new virtual nic so you can launch the webmin, etc.

On first boot, launch a console (red button next to antlet name after it starts) and pay attention to the "Random Initial Root Password" as it goes by... I do a screenshot to save it so I can retype it.

Log in to initialize the server


Hope that helps.


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