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A few suggestions.

Forgive me if these are already added.  If they are I'd like to see some more documentation about said features.

  1. ISCSI / NFS Support and documentation.
  2.  Upgrade button for upgrading antman.
  3. Add new storage / zpool for storage added usb, physical ISCSI etc.
  4. Shrinking / expanding volumes.

If any of these features are already available please point me to the documentation.

Thank you!

blamb has reacted to this post.

Hi randerson:

  1. We currently don't have any documentation for iSCSi or NFS currently.  I'll ask our team about this.
  2. We have this "Upgrade" button scheduled for future release on antMan.
  3. There are some instructions for USB and External zpools here
  4. There are some instructions for resizing drives here