New Update:

 antHill 1.1 + antMan 0.9.1

Official Release: antsle releases antHill 1.1 + antman 0.9.1

San Diego - February 27, 2018

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What's New?

antHill 1.1

Subdomains for your antsle

  • With this version of antMan & antHill, you'll be able to easily configure an subdomain for antMan.
  • This will allow you to access antMan through <subdomain> within your local network. 

Easy HTTPS for antMan

  • The subdomain feature goes hand in had with new HTTPS for antMan. We take care of transferring the SSL certificates to your antsle device, and install/configure them for you.
  • Now you can have encrypted communication from your local network to antMan!
  • Please note that you'll be communicating directly to your antsle, without going through our servers.
  • Plus this enables a super cool new feature that you'll love!

Other small improvements

Added a "Forgot your password" feature for your antHill account.

  • Also addressed various small issues.

antMan 0.9.1

Web Console

  • Yes, seriously! You no longer need to ssh to your antsle/antlets through a terminal or PuTTY. You can now use antMan's very own built in console 🙂
  • This feature is recommended to be used with the https enabled antMan (highlighted above).
  • And yeah, it looks pretty cool too!

Various UX improvements and bug fixes

  • You can now access your web servers running on antlets via <myantslename><IP>.local, instead of the confusing <myantslename>-<IP>.local
  • Better support for the antsle XDs
  • Other small bug fixes.

Installation Instructions


  • antsleOS 0.5.0


  1. Login to your antsle via ssh: ssh [email protected], run the upgrade script: upgrade-antman.
  2. Once the process is complete, you can go to and set a subdomain on your antsle in your dashboard. If you haven't activated your antsle in antHill yet, have a look at this!
  3. Then make a new tab in your browser and point it to http://<myantslename>.local or https://<subdomain> if you set the subdomain. Enjoy using HTTPS antMan!

Please note: When your antsle is on, it will periodically send a 'heartbeat' signal to our servers so that you can see it in antHill. (You can turn this and antHill off in antMan once the antsle is activated, if you so choose.)

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