Scientific Research

Meet Jason Link, he’s a research scientist at the Goddard Space Research Institute. He works at the cutting edge of space research, building instruments and sensors that are launched on balloons to spend 55 days in space and collect data on particles found at the edge of the atmosphere.

For Jason and other researchers, the Antsle means freedom. How? It gives flexibility and autonomy. The Antsle can operate as a siloed cloud apart from the university’s datacenter. No more waiting around for IT to provision a virtual server, you can spin up a web server and use it to share your latest research with colleagues or to access files remotely when needed. 

In some cases researchers use Antsle to allow better collaboration on  the field. For example, instead of sharing plot charts via USB or trying to email large attachments to colleagues in other locations for feedback. The Antsle server can be deployed on site and used as a web server. Giving fellow researchers near and far immediate access to collaborate on the data.

scientific research

Scientific Research with Antsle