Remote Office / Branch Office

Branch offices or remote offices often need to be connected to the mother ship, but don’t need all the infrastructure of the home office. What they do need is some kind of compute or data processing at the edge. Synced up to the main hub—but also independent.

The IT team often needs solutions that are fast, flexible, and scalable. Antsle covers all those bases. How? Both our software and the form factor of our servers are designed with just that in mind. IT teams have the flexibility to deploy a fanless Antsle server that doesn’t require anything more than an internet connection and power cable to get online. 

Our software was designed with a simple user experience in mind. Easy virtualization, networking, and server management means that less specialized team members can manage some of the basics and reduce the load on the core technology team. There is also a host of open source remote office/branch office software that can be installed and supported by our team.

ROBO with Antsle