Factory Automation

When DuMond Farms first began planning their next-gen, fully automated soybean processing plant, they looked into industry leaders like Allen Bradley and Rockwell Automation. However, although these companies provided great software to automate the plant, the hardware platform that they provided was extremely expensive and could only be used to host that specific software. It also would need to be integrated with some external systems for backups and data protection.

That’s when they found Antsle. They decided to deploy their automation software on the Antsle one XD server. The Antsle server’s small form factor and rugged case meant they could plug it in anywhere. The edgeLinux OS and antMan dashboard allows their systems architect to spin up servers to run the automation apps and historian. Antsle’s heal to peer functionality also ensures that the systems are highly available while cloud backups protects the valuable data being collected

Some of the world’s leading and most innovative manufacturing plants are using Antsle to automate their processing and stay flexible enough to meet future technology needs.

Factory Automation with Antsle