Demo Lab

When you are on the road and a laptop just isn’t the right platform to deploy your apps or software from, it definitely comes in handy to have your own cloud traveling with you in a semi-rugged server form factor. Have you ever experienced the pain of demoing software or leading a session at a conference only to find that you or the participants were held back due to connectivity issues? 

There are situations where you need less latency, are on a closed network, or just don’t want to rack up a massive cloud compute bill each time you simulate how your software will react in various scenarios. We’ve even sat in a conference session where 90 out of the 100 participants were not able to access the environment due to the cloud provider thinking it was a DoS attack and blocking the IP address. 

That is all history with Antsle. Your cloud is your own and is right on the local network fully under your control. You can also virtualize as many servers as your physical hardware will allow--which is a huge number when using our bare metal linux containers. With Antsle, you can take your cloud with you anywhere.

Don’t take it from us, check out what our customers have to say about demoing with Antsle: 

Demo Lab

Portable Demo Labs with Antsle