Episode #19

#19: Cloning

Clone your antlets, create templates from it and use them to create clones over clones, cookie cutter style.

Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Bernie again talking to you from — make a guess —  yep, sunny San Diego with our latest episode of our freedom cast. This one is about cloning. So, we can clone just about anything in antMan. We can clone antlets, take snapshots, and then create templates from it. From those templates, you can then create lots of antlets, cookie-cutter style. We can do all that in no time. So your development workflow is going to be sped up. You won’t be able to believe it. Try all that in other systems like AWS or you name it, and you'll love this here. All right, so let's get started. 

We have a Debian antlet and it just has a naked Apache running in there. So let's just clone this antlet. We just have to provide a name of the clone. So, let’s call it “debclone.” The IP is already pre-populated with the next one available. What we do is we assign a snapshot name because under the hood it will take a snapshot of the deb and then from that snapshot we create the clone. So the clone is already there, up and running, lightning fast.

Now we can use our latest feature to access the antlet by domain name. All we do is open a new tab in a browser and type “” and boom, there we have our Apache splash screen. So we're accessing the clone dancer now and that's awesome. So what we can also do is go to the details of the Deb analytics. We see this snapshot here that was automatically generated under the hood, um, named “s1” since we gave it that name. 

 We can create an outlet from this, which is identical to cloning the outlet, i.e. what we just did. But we can also create a template from this. We can call that “debtemp” and create this template instantaneously. So your workflow is really awesome. It’s lightning fast and you see that template now, under “Managed Templates” and you can create lots of antlets from it, cookie-cutter style. So that's about it. We hoped you liked this video. If you did, don't forget to press the like button and share this video with all your friends on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel. So long, keep Antsle-ing and talk to you soon. Bye for now.