Episode #14

#14: Activating your antsle in antHill

Learn how to register and activate your antsle through our cloud-based system antHill in order to get access to extended features.

Video Transcription:

This is Bernie again, as always talking to you from sunny San Diego with the next episode of our freedom casts. So today's subject is anthill, so you can access it here using and this is a cloud-based management service. So you can manage all your Antsles from our cloud-based portal. It's the portal to your Antsles. So let's login to see how it works. You need an account so the signup is here. I've already signed up and I'm just logging in and this is what it looks like. You get a list of your activated Antsles. With this status here, the list is empty. So it's like I just received my Antsle, I powered it on, I connected it to the network, and now I need to activate it. So I click on activate new Antsle and then I need the serial number. In this case, it's this one and I enter the root password. You need to find the root password that we sent you with your Antsle. Then just click on “next.” 

What happens now is that your Antsle is sending out heartbeats over the internet to our cloud-based service. We received the heartbeat, so everything's okay and you authenticated it. So now you go onto the next step. You can name your Antsle - we named ours Aster. Then you can assign a root password. We do that here. Then you set your network configuration. Usually it's going to be DHCP. So everything's easy. For the demo, we have a static IP, so we need to fill out the default gateway and the DNS server. In your case, if it's DHCP, that will already be pre-filled. 

Then you have our end-user license agreement. Please read it carefully, scroll to the end, and agree to it. And then you just click “Activate” and that’s it. We let you know that support for Antsle products is absolutely free. It comes with the purchase price of your Antsle and all the products support is already included. We also have more to offer. We have our edgeXperts plans that give you access to our experts that help you run stuff inside your antlet. It's a little bit like when you buy VM-ware for your workstation, for your PC or Mac, and then run anything inside your virtual machines. That obviously would not be covered by VM-ware support, right? Cause that's stuff you do yourself. But we offer that with our experts that help you with anything that you run inside your antlets. We feel that's pretty awesome and that's a service that you'll probably find nowhere else. 

So consider our plans here. They start at $29. I'll just skip it here for the demo and then the configuration will be applied to your Antsle, you get the success message, and then you see your Antsle here and you can manage it. In case you should ever forget your root password, you can just reset your root password here. You set a new password and all you need to have is the password of your anthill account and access to your email to confirm the link that's going to be sent to you. So it's a two-factor authentication, but if you pass that two-factor authentication, you can reset your root password, which is an awesome feature. If you want to upgrade your edgeXperts plans later on. You can do that anytime for each of your Antsles. You can just click on edgeXperts. 

So that’s it. That’s our new cloud-based service, antHill, to manage all your Antsles. New features are obviously to come in the future. if you like this video, don't forget to hit the like button on YouTube just below the video. Subscribe to our channel. Tell all your friends how cool Antsle is and happy Antsle-ing. Talk to you next time. Bye.