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Rebooting antlet reboots Antsle, causes kernel panic

Hello, all. I'm new to the community and just received my Antsle One about three weeks ago. Was able to spend time over the holiday weekend kicking the tires: set up the NICs and IPMI, played with a few templates, and experimented with USB devices. On setting up my first "real" Ubuntu VM, I initiated an update via yum and then issued a reboot command. This immediately caused a reboot to the entire Antsle unit. I tested this a second time and the same occurred, except this time the Antsle would not boot. Opening the IPMI interface and KVM console, I see that its sticking on a kernel panic related to a root fs mount error. Opening the boot menu to grub and selecting the rescue option, I was able to fully boot and even pull up the full antMan service suite.

I'll qualify the previous and following by noting that I'm very new to this side of Linux, with the Antsle being a step up from mostly Raspberry Pis as a learning tool so I might be asking something obvious or even silly. Reading on the forums here as well as  few CentOS related guides found from Google, I think I need to re-install edgeLinux from a live USB. I saw a couple of threads here even mention use of two thumb drives but haven't read them at length yet. Before going that route, I wanted to get input on if there is another method that I'm unaware of to recover the ability to boot the standard kernel.

Additionally, I believe the root cause is that the sudden reboots prevented an orderly shutdown and corrupted something between the mirrored drives. So, is a reboot command from within an antlet considered inappropriate, IE should those always be issued from the antMan dashboard?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Hi @briarpatch776

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your antsle.

Since our antlets (virtual machines) are separated from our host operating system, edgeLinux, any reboots or changes in the antlets should not cause any changes to your antsle.

That being said, if you were using the Ubuntu antlet (KVM or LXC), that distro uses the apt get method for obtaining and updating software (you would use "apt-get" or "apt" to install software).  The yum update is used by CentOS-based distro's (such as edgeLinux).  When you performed yum update, you may have been performing on the edgeLinux OS.

You can perform fresh install (or factory reset) of edgeLinux/antMan by following link below (be sure to have your antlets backed up if needed):

When prompted during on-boarding, please choose "Use existing serial number".

If you have any further issues, feel free to contact us at

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@daniel-luck Thanks for the quick response! In hindsight, "yum" instead of "apt" should have been the red flag... I also had several ssh windows open at the same time and must have lost track of which was which...

Either way, I'm reinstalled and running per the directions provided. Thanks again for the support, this turned out to be a fairly painless, if inconvenient, fix that will be good to know for future reference.


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Glad to hear that you were able to get things working again!

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