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Protector Mode


Why does Protector Mode keep turning itself back on after I turn it off, and save settings.

Also, Show Guide After Create NIC still pops up even though the switch is off.

EL 2.0.0

AM 3.1.0f


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@spollock - I can't replicate that on my Antsle. Asking our devs to look into it. Thank you for the heads up!

As of antMan 3.1.1 the issue persists.

After turning it off, it stays off until I refresh or reload the antMan interface, then it is back on again.

I can confirm @spollock's results on my Antsle One XD (edgeLinux 0.12.1 and Antman 3.1.1) and Nano (edgeLinux 2.0.0 and Antman 3.1.1)

When I turn Protector mode off and Save, the message says "Popup preferences updated" (no mention of updating Protector mode).

Then refreshing the page shows Protector mode still on.

I upgraded my Antsle One XD to Antman 3.1.2 and now the Protector option stays off.

I upgraded to antMan 3.1.2 on both the Antsle One and One D

The One D seems to stay off when set to off.

The One turns protector mode back on as it did before



Have you done a cache-clear in your browser (ctrl-F5) after upgrading antman?  I find I have to do that to get the new "features".

@lancem Both antMan sessions were tabs in the same browser window.  But I went back and cleared the cache anyway with no change.  The One D is still fixed and the One is not.

Good suggestion though, thanks

I verified my Antsle One on antman 3.1.1 (edgeLinux 0.12.1) had the problem (it did).

Then I upgraded it to antman 3.1.2 and now the Protector setting sticks (although initially, antman would only work on port 3000 -- not the https.  I had to restart anthilld for it to work [or maybe it just took long enough to work on its own])


My Antsle One is on EL 2.0.0 and aM 3.1.2

I restarted anthilld even though I had already restarted the server as to clear anything out I could.

Same issue, Protector mode turns back on by itself on refresh of antMan