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Help starting WinXP.vhdx Disk2VHD as Antlet

I created the WinXP VM from a working laptop using Disk2VHD (80gb file). I imported the file and created a template with IDE & e1000. I created an Antlet with 1 core and 2 gb ram, no compression.

Computer config, Pentium M processor, 2gb ram,

When I attempt to start the Antlet I get the error message in the attached picture. It looks like a hardware issue between the Qcow2 and the xml file. I have included a copy of they text from the XML file. Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated.



Uploaded files:

I installed a working image from virtual box. It did the same thing. Since it’s just 2 servers now, i may just give up and creates windows 10 antlet, install virtual box and install on top of that.