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Debian 11 Bullseye / Beta - KVM for nano available now!

The Debian 11 Bullseye / Beta - KVM template for nano is available to download now.

Since this is a Beta product, you'll have to add Boot option in order to use the template.

Here are some instructions to add the Boot option to get Debian-11 Bullseye / Beta - KVM for nano:

1) When presented with UEFI Shell, type in exit.

2) Go to Boot Maintenance Manager, Boot Option, Add Boot Option.

3) Go to NO VOLUME LABEL, <EFI>, <debian>, grubaa64.efi.

4) Go to Input the description. Type in Boot to Debian.

5) Go to Commit Changes and Exit.

6) Go to Change Boot Order. Type <enter>.

7) Arrow down to Boot to Debian. Tap on + until it reaches the top. Type <enter>.

8) Go to Commit Changes and Exit.

9) Type [Esc] to go back. Type [F10] and Y to Save.

10) Type [Esc] to go back and then Continue.

We are currently working on way to create for this template to automatically boot.  You can use the instructions above in the mean time.


good info

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great! Flappy Bird

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Really useful data. When you created the virtual NIC, did you set the driver to virtio (which should already be installed) or e1000?

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