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Cannot connect to antlet on port 22xxx.

When I create a new antlet, antman pops up a tips screen that says I can access my new antlet via 'ssh -p 22xxx root@edgelinux.local

In my case, my antsle is named 'tiberius' and is on IP ...14 so I try:

% ssh -p 22014 [email protected]
ssh: connect to host tiberius.local port 22014: Connection refused

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @tishihtzu, did you start your antlet?

I have the same behavior and yes, the antlet is started. 😉

Hey! What antMan version are you running? We discontinued that feature with edgeLinux 2.0 / antMan 3.0. If you like to keep using the custom 220XX ports to ssh into your antlet, you'll need to setup a port-forwarding rule in antMan.

In the specific case of ssh-ing into the antlet14, you would need to forward all traffic from port 22014 on your antsle to the antlet14 on port 22 (assuming sshd is still listening on the default port).

You can read more about port-forwarding here:

Best, Marc

The popup tips should really be updated to reflect that this port-forward is no longer automatically created. I personally wasted a tonne of time trying to figure out what this did not work.

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My brand new Nano, which is running the latest software, still gave me a pop-up telling me to ssh into it via port 22xxx. Let's remove that pop-up.