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antMan 3.1.0c bricked my Antsle One

While troubleshooting backup and restore issues, I was told to install am 3.1.0c.  Im now bricked on my antsle one.  the antsle one D is fine after the upgrade.

The rollback script at is expired and will not work.


wget -c
chmod +x
PLEASE NOTE: this script only works on antsles, not edgeLinux installs (software only solution). Essentially the antsles have a specific partition format that we are expecting.
After the script finishes, shutdown your server by executing:

shutdown -h now

Remove the USB stick, and boot normally. You should be able to access your previous environment before the upgrade.


Hi @spollock,

Do you have a monitor and a keyboard or access to the antsle's IPMI to see if there are any errors?

I don't think you need to reinstall the OS yet, but if you're still interested you can check these instructions:

@mardo  I'm already on el2.0.0. There is a ticket with all info.

I'm not reloading this again.  I want to rollback to 3.1.0b

Hi @spollock,

You can rollback to 3.1.0b by running:

upgrade-antman 3.1.0b

You cannot if the system will not boot

This is what I see

Uploaded files:
  • 20200603_154153.jpg

Hi @spollock

This looks like hardware issues. I have followed up in our ticket system.

SSD drives check out, error free.

Reinstalled EL 2.0.0
antMan 3.1.0b