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Antlet will not start

I have an Antlet that will not start.  When I click the start button I get a message "Process Successful" but the Antlet does not start.  I have tried everything I know with no avail.  Under the Antlets section of Antman the storage column it shows "0 B"  My guess is the zpool is somehow lost its link to Antman but my lack of knowledge prevents me from proceeding.  This is a production server, any help is greatly appreciated.

edgeLinux version 2.0.0

antMan 3.4.3


Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-2023-08-02-064904.png

Hi Yorbel:

Thanks for reaching out in antsle forums.
From looking at the details, the antlets zfs is not mounted.

Can you help us run these commands and let us know how it works?

zfs mount antlets
zfs list -o name,mountpoint,mounted | grep -v docker

Thank you,
antsle Support