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After Update to edgelinux 2.0 Self managed Backups are no longer visible to restore antlets

Before doing an upgrade to edgelinux 2.0 did backups (antman 3.2.1)

Did some in the cloud, some on a shared NAS device and some on USB

After upgrade was complete, and went in to "Heal Antlets" the ONLY backups can see is on the cloud.

Both the usb and the shared NAS backups are not visible.

Now have no way to restart my saved antlets.

Does anyone have a solution for this?





Hmm, I too upgraded to edgelinux 2.0 and I just tried to backup an LXC antlet to a NAS device.  The backup worked, the .gz file was present on the NAS, but there was no status, no actions available on the Backups tab for the antlet.

I just created another topic about this.  Sure would be nice if somebody who understands the problem (and solution) would respond.

UPDATE: Turns out I was running an older version of antman.  Upgraded to 3.2.1 and the backups appeared.

I did the upgrade, too.  I had done local backups and cloud.

After the upgrade (since it's a clean re-install), it didn't know about the local (self-managed) backups.

I had to go to each antlet, and on the backup tab, the Backup Now has a drop-down menu with Import Self-Managed backup.

However, I had to use the cloud antlet backup sizes to figure out which self-managed backup went with each antlet.

Next time, I'll save each self-managed backup in a directory named after the antlet (instead of all in one directory) so I can tell them apart.

Also, FYI, when I restored my antlets (both from cloud and self-managed), if they had a bridged network adapter, they wouldn't start.

I had to delete the bridged adapter and re-add it.

Apparently, the bridged NIC has a new openswitch something in the XML file (which the 0.12.1 one didn't).

I was on antman 3.2.1 for both the backups and the restores.