New Update: antsleOS 0.4.0

Official Release: antsle releases antsleOS 0.4.0

San Diego - April 10, 2017

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1. What's New?

  • All four LAN ports (NICs) supported

    We now fully support all four LAN ports in antman!

  • Laid groundwork for bridged networking

    antsleOS 0.4.0 includes the underlying OS technology to make bridged networking in antman 0.7.0 work. 

  • Bug fixes

    After upgrading to antsleOS 0.4.0 the IP address may change on the antsle. If you configured your router to forward ports to the antsle you will need to update the port forwarding address on your router to match.

2. Installation Instructions

1. Login to your antsle via ssh: ssh [email protected]

2. Download the upgrade script using this command: wget -N

3. Make the script executable: chmod a+x aosupd-0.4.0

4. Run the update script: ./aosupd-0.4.0