New Update: antMan 3.4.0

Official Release: Antsle releases antMan 3.4.0

San Diego - April 30, 2021

What's New?

antMan 3.4.0

This release includes improvements for everyone, bug fixes, UI improvements, and a GUI-based upgrade tool.

1. GUI-based Upgrade Tool - Offline Capable

  • Forget using the command line to upgrade antMan.
  • This release introduces easy upgrades via GUI, which allows even users without an internet connection to stay up to date on the latest antMan releases.
  • IMPORTANT: Will only show in NEXT release 🙂 You need to install 3.4.0 via the command line, in order to have the tool to upgrade to any antMan higher than 3.4.0 via the GUI!
  • PS: I know I promised this with 3.3.0 already - but alas - we had a glitch in that release. So, 3.4.0 is the release that finally introduces the GUI-based upgrades, for real. My apologies.

2. Improvements in Backups

  • Get notified of plans and overage charges before first use.
  • Improved stats and meters for backups usage.
  • General usability improvements.

2. Networking: Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Some users experienced glitches with DNS settings, static IPs, and other networking-related features. We fixed these issues for you.

Installation Instructions


edgeLinux 0.5.0 or higher


1. Login to your antsle server via ssh:
        ssh [email protected]
        If you changed username of hostname before, use them instead of "root" and "myantsle".
- or -
        Open the console from your antMan dashboard.

2. Run the upgrade script:

3. Make sure anthilld is running so that your server can communicate with antHill. Otherwise, you might see an error message "We could not find your license". Waiting two minutes or so should do the trick. When in doubt, run service anthilld restart or service anthilld start.

4. Point your browser to one of (pick the one applicable to your situation):
        https://<yourdomaindomain>        if you set up instantSSL
        http://YOURNUMERICIP:3000        as a safe fallback if the others don't work

5. You may need to do a hard refresh in your browser to clear the cache.
        Windows: CTRL+F5
        Mac: ⌘Cmd+Shift+R for Chrome,  Opt+⌘CmdE for Safari. 

6. Enjoy the new antMan!