New Update:

 antman 0.9.3

Official Release: antsle releases antman 0.9.3

San Diego - June 1, 2018

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What's New?

antMan 0.9.3

1. antMan API 1.0.0

Full release of the antMan API. You can now perform the following actions through the antMan API:

  • Create, clone, start, stop, pause, resume, and reboot your antlets
  • Update your antlet's RAM, vCPUs, and IP
  • Take snapshots. Then rollback, create templates or antlets from them.
  • Check, download, and delete templates
  • Manage vdisks and vnics of your antlets
  • Enable/Disable usb passthrough on each antlet
  • Configure network of entire antsle
  • And much much more.

You can start exploring the API after updating by going to http://<myantslename>.local/swagger-ui

2. Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that some users were having when updating antlets
  • Optimized edgeXperts Status
  • Other smaller issues

Installation Instructions


  • antsleOS 0.5.0


  1. Login to your antsle via ssh: ssh [email protected], run the upgrade script: upgrade-antman, and follow a few update prompts.
  2. Then make a new tab in your browser and point it to http://<myantslename>.local or https://<subdomain> if you set the subdomain. You can start exploring the API by going to http://<myantslename>.local/swagger-ui. Enjoy the new antMan!