New Update:

 antman 0.10.0

Official Release: antsle releases antman 0.10.0

San Diego - November 1, 2018

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What's New?

antMan 0.10.0

1. Improved and more secure antMan web terminal

  • The web terminal is now passwordless (securely using ssh key)
  • Although the web console is available through the http.local domain we recommend using it through https:

2. Building the foundations for edgeLinux

  • The next version of our OS is just around the corner!
  • With edgeLinux (formerly antsleOS) we aim to dramatically increase the community effort behind our host OS and hence make it yet more stable, secure & feature rich.
  • edgeLinux is already in beta and we're are already getting lots of amazing feedback from the community. Working towards the GA release!

3. Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues updating cpu count on Win10-based antlets
  • Fixed issue with anthilld error log
  • You can now enable autostart on antlets while they are hot
  • Sorted issue with zfs filesystem remaining when one deletes an antlet with a snapshot
  • antMan is now tolerant of dhcp enabled but unplugged secondary nics
  • Addressed issue updating antlets with lots of components (vdisks, vnics, snapshots)
  • General UI/UX improvements

Installation Instructions


  • antsleOS 0.5.0 or edgeLinux Beta


1. Login to your antsle or edgeLinux server via ssh: ssh <my-username>@<my-hostname>.local, run the upgrade script: upgrade-antman. 

2. Then make a new tab in your browser and point it to http://<my-hostname>.local or https://<subdomain> if you set the subdomain. Enjoy the new antMan!