antsle User Stories

Wonder if antsle is for you? Don't take it from us, listen to our users! You'll find a few reviews (in their own words) below:

Small & Medium Businesses

Will this work for my business?

"We are an Identity Management company that specializes in Cloud and Biometrics. Our AWS development costs are HUGE and this product is going to make an incredible difference for our bottom line."

~ Sami Elhini (Creatrix)

"My longer term goals are going to be having one of these for myself, each of my developers and one for our support department. I'm hoping to make this a platform our org can use for development and support. I love how this solution is in one package. All much solid state. I think it's brilliant."

~ Andrew Gallagher (OneStep Retail Solutions)

"I absolutely love my antsle, you and Bernie are truly on to something here. I have about 10 VMs performing various functions from bitbucket server, dev environments, and servers handling my home security cameras and personal weather station. 

~ Andrew Perry (Driven Local)

"We love you guys.  Thank you so much for getting our Antsle server sent out to us in a hurry.  I quit my job of 8 years last Wednesday so that we could launch the new business, SureSign Solutions LLC! I am learning a lot through Chris (my programmer) and he is the one that suggested your product. Keep up the good work.  We appreciate you."

~ Lacy Billeiter (SureSign Solutions LLC)


Is antsle a good fit for me (and my clients)?

"I am a java software developer. I typically write spring web applications. I have deployed my apps to AWS and  Digital Ocean. It seems I always find them lacking. Since I have received my antsle I can say I truly feel liberated from those services and I can for once do something about the complexity of getting a simple java app up and running and exposed to the world.

Antman is a pleasure to work with. It is very easy to create and reuse os templates and for me this is truly brilliant. If all goes well I will need many more antsles 😉 Which brings me to another point that I love about my antsle. no noise , no server racks and a small footprint with allot of power. Really who could want more!

My setup is simple I have a Domain Name with DynDNS because my internet provider gives me a dynamic ip address DynDNS will keep my Domain and ip in sync.  My router port forwards to my antsle and Im using Nginx as a reverse proxy to my antlets. All of this of course is well documented in the Antsle docs which brings me to my next point about antsle. I found the documentation and the support from Antsle to be 5 stars.

Keep up the great work and thanks for all that your doing."

~ Alex McKnight

"One caveat you might want to warn the geeks about: this can become addicting quickly!"

~ Jay Falck

"Highly recommended to home computer enthusiasts, technology geeks and developers. A truly wonderful device that has already allowed me to power down two older home PC's that were performing home automation duties."

~ Simon Cousins

Schools & Universities 

Is antsle a good fit in educational environments?

"After running my Antsle for a few months now, I'd like to also congratulate you on hardware and software stability. My antlets just run. No issues. No problems. The only time anything has been offline is when we had a local power outage that lasted longer than the Antsle's UPS batteries could hold out. Other than that, ZERO unexpected downtime. I'm so pleased with my Antsle! Thanks to you and the whole team for all your hard work. I wish you all great success in marketing the Antsle to others. YOU GUYS have made it a great product!"

~ Timothy Pearson (Pittsburg State University)


Can I host game servers on antsle?

"The primary reason I bought the Antsle was to host game servers, with a secondary purpose of hosting some dev environments for training/testing related to my work. I run game servers for a group of 4-5 friends. After some initial testing and nudging by Bernie, I opted to move my game servers to Linux. All of game servers are now running on Debian 8.5 LXC, which works great. The support has been stellar!"

~ Samuel Cook

Internet Marketers

Can I host my website and other software on antsle?

"As a Web Designer / Marketer / Business Consultant - I am always looking for the best solutions I can work with. antsle gives me FREEDOM from the corporate cloud . FREEDOM to have control over my own data online. FREEDOM from the escalating costs of 3rd party hosts."

~ Jason Michelin