edgeXperts Support Plans

Any plan is available for both antsle one and edgeLinux servers.

Our team of experienced tech engineers (edgeXperts) will help you where other companies won't

Get help for anything you want to run inside your antlets (VPS): From researching about specific errors in your logs, to helping you set up your favorite tech stack, to checking why your database is not connecting to your web app. Know that you always have a trusted resource at hand, with the edgeXperts as your full-time tech team!  

* Business hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time (excl. national holidays). One business day is considered 8h.
1. edgeXperts access is per antsle unit and specific to the serial number of each box.
2. Hourly rates available outside above mentioned plans: $175/hour
3. Pricing based on annual billing. Monthly billing available for selected plans.