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Backup Deletions

Hey folks - I'm loving the automatic cloud backups, but today was a small exception. 🙂

I needed to delete a few antlets with backups that had been enabled since the beta, so it took manually clicking to delete over 100 backups for each of the three antlets, since you cannot delete the antlets without first deleting backups. Eventually, I was able to hand-jam 300ish tab-tab enter-enter sequences.

So two asks, maybe bundled as separate features:

  • Can we have a checkbox to delete multiple backups?
  • Can we also set a retention period for our backups?

Thank you. 🙂

jwdenzel has reacted to this post.

@david, Super good points that are on the roadmap. I'll see if we can prioritize them a bit earlier but fear not, they are coming. 🙂

jwdenzel has reacted to this post.

Is there an updated ETA on these features?  Extremely helpful, especially the retention period since the only option is daily backups...they can add up (quantity of them and space) over time.

Also schedule other than daily.   Use weekly, bi-monthly, monthly.

MDMGlobal has reacted to this post.

> Super good points that are on the roadmap.

That was 2019. Are they still on the roadmap?

Hi @dave-kopecek

I have reached out to our team.
Yes, the features are still on the roadmap but we have no ETA at this time.

Thank you,
antsle Support