Simplified DevOps in a Turnkey Solution.

edgeLinux: The OS & antMan

Battle-proven technology with a thriving community.

edgeLinux: The OS & Hypervisor.

Based on Gentoo Linux and using ZFS as the file system, we developed edgeLinux as the first full-stack private cloud solution. 

By leveraging both virtualization (KVM) and bare-metal containerization (LXC) side by side, the user has maximum flexibility on how to get the most out of any hardware

antMan: The Management Dashboard.

Deploy your virtual servers in seconds, create snapshots instantaneously or create custom templates. All in one simple dashboard. 

All tools and features were developed with the DevOps workflow in mind. 

edgeLinux: Key Features

Making your job a bit easier every day.

Ready-to-go OS Templates

Don't have the needed OS .iso handy? Or don't want to upload them from your machine? Annoyed to go through tedious OS setup procedures? Not an issue with antsle. You can download one of our many OS templates right from antMan and be working in your new environment in seconds. 

Instant Deployment

Spin up new antlets (our VPS) in less than 10 seconds! Select a template, assign resources and.. Wait, that's it!

Maximize your Resources

Run both: Virtual Machines (based on KVM) and super-efficient LXC Containers on the same platform. Unlike docker or kubernetes, we let you implement containers on the application level AND infrastructure level so that they look & feel like full physical servers of their own.

Instant Snapshots

Just making a quick change inside your antlet but not sure how risky it is? Take a snapshot in mili-seconds, go improve your product, and if needed, roll back just as quickly. Ever tried that on AWS? You can go to lunch in the meantime. 

Custom Templates

So you have created the perfect environment for your work, and now you want replicate it in multiple VPSs to try some things out. Great! Just take a snapshot of the antlet and with one click it's a template OS for new antlets to use cookie-cutter style. Done! 

ZFS - The UBER File System

The enterprise-ready open-source file system that is scalable, supports high storage, and is secure against data corruption. It's the last file system you'll ever want to use! It is automatically used as the underlying storage backend without you having to configure anything. 

antHill - The cloud-based Portal to your antsles

Configure your antsles remotely, and assign domain names.  Setup https access to antMan and your antlets.

Choose where to run edgeLinux:

antsle one

Silent antsle Server • edgeLinux Preinstalled • Free 30-day Onboarding

Any Hardware

Software-only • Runs on your hardware • Easy Installation*

* edgeLinux software-only currently in closed beta.