Antsle One

The All-In-One Server Solution.

A tight integration of hardware and software built by Antsle. The Antsle One has a sleek form but packs a powerful punch. It can be deployed anywhere with its silent, heat dispersing design. It comes ready-to-deploy with the Antsle Private Cloud preinstalled, getting you up and running within minutes of unboxing. 

Every antsle is designed & manufactured in California, fully built-to-order and has fault-tolerance technology built-in. Thanks to a custom-compiled edgeLinux which gives you an extra 15-20% in speed, you are able to run all your virtual servers on one box. 

aPC Stack Installed

Free Onboarding

Fanless & Silent


Easy Onboarding

With our help, getting set up is a breeze.

Free Grow Business Plan

For 30 days, you'll get access to:

  • World-class Tech Support 
  • Advanced Capabilities and Security
  • Backups to the Antsle Cloud

Free Onboarding Call

After receiving your antsle, schedule a screenshare to:

  • Get a live software demo, including tips & tricks 
  • Ask our tech engineers any questions you have
  • Get individual advice for your use case

antsle two

The enterprise Private Cloud.

The most powerful antsle ever made: A 1u rack featuring the EPYC CPU, up to 512GB RAM and more. 

antsle two

Get Started

Start configuring your complete Antsle Private Cloud solution today, it's simple.

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